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Meetings & Snow in Western NY

Traveling to new places is one of the best experiences. This week, SavvySuit staff had the pleasure of visiting western New York to meet with one of our clients, LawNY. We’re building a community collaboration platform with LawNY that will bring together thousands of nonprofits in their 14-county region.

As part of the project, we wanted to meet all of our project partners across the finger lakes region. Over the three days that we spent in western New York, we’ve drove to Rochester, Bath, Geneva, and Ithaca. We visited some beautiful attractions, like Watkins Glen, and we gazed at this regions’ gorgeous terrain.

Driving in snow was a first for our team, but it was definitely worth it to meet all the incredible people serving the community in western NY. After talking with various nonprofits, we have a clearer vision for the collaboration platform. We better understand both the obstacles and advantages of building tools for this region.

Thank you to all the programs and people who took the time to talk to us about their work and educate us about the region’s history and people. We learned a lot, we saw some snow, and now we’re ready to build an incredible tool for western New York’s nonprofit community.

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