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Check Out That Scoreboard

A month into the Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge and over 200 pro bono cases have been placed with the law student/lawyer pairs.

Students have signed up in the hundreds! Lawyers are not far behind. Watching the enthusiasm for pro bono has been absolutely heartwarming.

We have seen competition between rival schools, and friendly banter on social media. While, we've tried to stay above the fray, we can't help but cheer on our school -- Florida A&M University College of Law. Since both our co-founders graduated from FAMU, we've been thrilled by the student participation and alumni turnout during the Law School Challenge. (Go Rattlers!!)

The competition runs until mid-May, so there is a lot of time left for schools and alumni to get involved. Ultimately though, it won't be about who takes home the trophy. The real winners are the people of Florida who obtain pro bono legal services because of the generosity of Florida attorneys.

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