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Connecting People & Data

SavvySuit Metro Shop Illustration.jpg
Let's use crowdsourcing as an alternative income source for public transit. Take the existing retail space and let SavvySuit set up free-standing kiosks where commuters can complete surveys and micro-tasks, or label unstructured data. This engagement opportunity can be a win for all parties.
While commuters complete tasks, our app will also have their full attention, making it the perfect way to engage them. We can inform them of upcoming maintenance that could delay transit, civic engagement information such as public hearings on important transportation topics, or poll them to find out how MTA can continue improving. 
Companies are always looking for an edge, and increasingly they are looking to machine learning and artificial intelligence to help them make smart business decisions. Unfortunately, many times the data needed to train the machine learning models could be trapped in years or decades of bad formatting. Enter SavvySuit. Our app allows users to categorize data as only a human can, so that one day a computer can crunch everything together. These types of data labeling projects help cars drive by themselves, inform doctors treating deceases, and help municipalities plan for growth or eliminate over-congestion. 
So, let's check out some of the benefits:
  • Label unstructured data

  • Diverse labelers

  • Cost effective labeling

SavvySuit 4 Businesses
SavvySuit 4 Commuters
  • Make money with unused time

  • Provide useful activity while awaiting a train

  • Be a part of the solution, help fight bias and racist data

SavvySuit 4 MTA
  • Increase income from retail spaces 

  • Improve access to public transit for low and middle income commuters

  • Mitigate commuter irritation at delayed trains by providing them a means of occupying their time and making money

  • Opportunity to label previously unstructured MTA data

  • Increase traffic and buying for other
    MTA retailers 

Win, Win, Win!

Benefits for all.

The Road Ahead

Let's improve all the systems, together.
  • Record the names of stations and directions to make it easier for commuters to use talk-to-text technology to get where they are going

  • Collect survey information from commuters to learn about their challenges while taking the transportation systems

  • Communicate directly to riders about upcoming improvements, planned outages, and other transportation information

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